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Christopher Lowthert

“One Small Change Can Have An Enormous Impact.”

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The New Health Consultant practice can be found in Room 3, located just off the RVCC auditorium. 

Chris Lowthert, D.C. is an experienced local chiropractor offering gentle and holistic support for your natural health needs.  He specializes in German New Medicine and Active Release Technique. 

In the capacity of New Health Consultant, Chris evaluates structural and chronic concerns such as repetitive strain and sport injuries along with nerve entrapment concerns.  He explores concerns about chronic fatigue and other health difficulties, and facilitates an expansion of self-healing awareness.

Contact Chris at 540-255-0026 or

Chris graduated from Moravian College with a biology degree in 1999.  He then graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 2004, and subsequently started a private chiropractic practice in Pennsylvania, specializing in sports injuries and repetitive strain injuries.  He closed the practice in 2010 when he relocated to the Charlottesville area, and is now a Nelson County resident. 

Also Available in the New Health Consultant Studio:

Onatah Energy Therapy--Michelle Burkett, LMT

     Winter is a time of going within, reflection, hibernation, and also death.  Swept up in the modern world, I forgot this these past few months with the demands of daily life.  After December, I found myself in denial when life handed me a series of challenges, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I found myself questioning why I was dealing with things I had spent so much time healing, resolving, and learning from in the past.  It was at this time that a dear friend of mine reminded me that life spirals around.  It is not linear.

       The challenges and substance of our lives do come back around.  They are never the exact same, but they visit us again to both expand us and teach us more.  Toward the end of this two month cycle of wintertime struggle, with spring just around the corner, my back began to freeze with pain and spasm in the same place of an injury form years ago.  I thought to myself, “Oh no, not something else, not months of recovery like last time.”  But it went away within two days as I released and began to settle a whole series of interconnected aspects of my life.

        This is what energy therapy does.  It bypasses our minds that wish to drag ourselves out into the streets and interrogate the rest of our beings in order to narrow our challenge(s) to a single black and white cause.  But healing is a spiral.  It is also a web tied to our emotions, experiences, beliefs, environment, friends, family, and so on.  We can’t force it.  Instead, it must float up, perhaps bob around, showing us bits and pieces.  Those little pieces are baby steps toward wholeness.  We may not be able to piece it all together in the way our minds insist, but there is movement and flowing toward animate balance.  That awareness may sink into dark depths and we may despair we haven’t made progress, but it will pop up again, revealing more pieces and helping us along our journeys.

                Energy therapy assists us with this process.  It provides a gentle pathway to allow things to shift and change to occur.  It works with our chakras and all levels of our beings, physical and non-physical, conscious and subconscious.  It gets us out of our heads and into our bodies and hearts.  With winter coming to a close and spring on the way, book an energy therapy appointment to plant the seeds of healing, health, and balance.

Onatah Energy Therapy

Michelle Burkett, LMT

724-762-9329 Call and book an appointment!

Pricing:  60 Minutes  Sliding Scale of $40 to $60

   90 Minutes  Sliding Scale of $80 to $100

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