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K Robins Designs

The Process Behind K Robins Symbolic Jewelry

While working with the famous flute maker, Patrick Olwell , K discovered the process of lost wax casting. Just as Patrick made silver keys for his Renaissance flutes out of wax first, she began to carve wax into the designs she had been carving in wood at home. There are probably around 50 hand carved pieces of wood with inlays (rosewood, boxwood, cherry) that are the beginnings of her jewelry collection.

view Trigram Turtle K often begins carving the wax with little preliminary drawing. She works for weeks, months or sometimes years before a piece completely manifests into being. K searches within the wax, 'finding the lines'. Research, contemplation, emotion and inspiration start the process of carving, adding and removing wax until the qualities she is looking for emerge. K has a unique ability to infuse jewelry with the energy and impact usually reserved for large-scale sculpture. With precision tools and a magnifying visor, K will tease out of the wax the spirit of a warrior, the passion of a mother, or the wisdom of a healer.finished wax carving of Gratitude

Achieving her vision in wax, K will have a master cast in sterling silver. She then works with the silver master, grinding and polishing the finish details. Once the master is perfected, a mold is created and the piece is put into production. When she sits down to write a card about the piece, K uses the same simplification method used with the carving, taking away (not this, not this) until the essence appears (ah, this!).

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K Robins Designs
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