Art Reception: Nancy Lauler & Rosalba Valentino

  • 22 Sep 2012
  • 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Auditorium

Nancy Lauler:  Landscapes and pastoral scenes in oil

"I have always been in love with the way a tree bends or changes color with the light.  Or the way flowers stand like people in a crowd, or the way clouds float, sweep, congregate or mound.  I am amazed at the myriad colors in a pile of dirt or the ordinary paved road.  These things still affect me the same way they did when I was a small child, living in the moment of nature's glorious color and light.  My challenge is to visually remember these moments that continue to amaze me and share them with others.  I love using oil as a medium, because it is fluid and organic as the subjects I'm trying to capture.  It allows me to improvise, finding my way as I go.  A painting is a journey for me, in which I never completely know the outcome."

Rosalba Valentino:  "Boundaries" in charcoal


"This is a series about boundaries, both human-made and natural. Each one is from the land where my family lives and where I grew up, in Nelson County.

Boundaries are found everywhere, though they rarely stop us if we really want in, out, or across. They can be symbols of authority, visual aids for transit, places to delineate transition, growth, acceptance, or exile.

In the case of this series, they refer to the life lived on a rural piece of land that involved corralling animals and marking paths to the natural systems, like the watershed, that we needed to live. It is about recognition, efficiency, parting something into manageable somethings.

The choice to use black and white is meant to underscore the contrast between the way the human mind wants to ‘see’, or understand things, and the actuality of them, which is almost never that simple. The crisp contrasts that exist in our younger years give way to an often muddy view of the world, but in our minds we keep these bright, distinctive images."

9/22/12 | Auditorium
5:30-7:30 | Refreshments Served

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