RVCC Art Exhibits

Debbie Grainger

Rose Marie Jowdy

Coming in February:
Debbie Grainger and Rose Marie Jowdy

Artist Reception & Exhibit Opening:  Sunday, February 5, 4:30—6:00pm, in the RVCC Auditorium.

Debbie Grainger

  “I was born and raised in Montana and have always enjoyed pine trees, mountains and snow, the sun, moon and stars and the big blue sky. After teaching for a few years, I worked in Guam and then Hawaii as a CPA, and learned about the power and beauty of the ocean and lushness of the tropics. After moving to Virginia and working as an RN, I met my husband David Lipscomb (of the Va Rock Shop at RVCC.) My painting began in January 2011, when—instead of making a New Year’s resolution I wouldn't keep—I decided I wanted to paint. I took an Intro to Painting class at PVCC and got hooked.  I have spent the last 6 years learning to express myself through various media of acrylics, charcoal, ink and pastels.  Come and enjoy seeing my journey of creation.”

Rosemarie Becht Jowdy, Artist

Virginia Commonwealth University 1986 University of Richmond 2000

Art Exhibits - Art Teacher, Hanover County Public Schools, Visual Art Center Resident, Shockoe Bottom Art Center Oil Painting Resident and Exhibitor, Grape and Vine VCU Show, Maymont Park Exhibit, Photography Exhibit Urban Farmhouse & Café Shockoe Slip

"My love of nature began at an early age. The youngest of seven children, born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley with the Blue Ridge Mountains as my playground, I quickly took to the hills and rivers for peace, solitude, independence and excitement.  In 1982, I moved to Richmond to attend VCU, longing to be an art major. My father, who taught me appreciation of the outdoors was born and raised in South Dakota during the depression. Never having the opportunity to attend college himself, he was now my nemesis. He told me that if I wanted to study art he would gladly send me supplies in my basement room. So, at the age of 17, I decided to branch out in order to leave my one horse town and basement room to study advertising at VCU.

After graduating, I worked for Fortune 500 companies, advertising agencies, taught art and coached tennis over a 30 year period. Today, I have an even greater appreciation for the great outdoors, art and life in general. Like nature, art is somehow a part of me. I capture photographs and paint because it is my way of conveying what I see in nature and interpret my relationship with the landscape, and its affect on me.  When I capture the landscape, I am reminded that art is not easy. If it were, everyone would do it.  I am influenced and inspired by the works of Ansel Adams, Wolf Kahn, John Stockwell, Cezanne, Derain, Turner, Whistler and nature, itself. I am interested in unconfined, wide open, vast spaces. Spaces where I can see the horizon, feel the sun, smell the dirt after a cool rain, feel the damp grass on my bare feet and breathe in fresh air.

All my life I have traversed back to the world's oldest ridges, my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains to hike, camp, paddle, fish, swim in her rivers and streams. This photographic journey is a labor of love to share with you, my love of nature and abandoned old structures that have contributed to shape my extremely grateful life."


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